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Use the link above to let us know that you are available to officiate games during the Chisholm Trail Classic Soccer Tournament.  This form will allow you to give us all the information needed to get you assigned games at our tournament.

Our tournament uses assignr for referee assignments.  To join our group, use this link.

This years assignor will be Cherie Long and her email is please reach out to her if you have any questions or need help.

As always, you can count on great support for officials. We will provide you with a free t-shirt. You will be fed lunch each day at no cost to you, and you are able to get any food item that you want from the concession stand (with the exception of candy) at half price. We also provide cold waters and Gatorade to the officials.



Substitutions can be made, at the referee's discretion, at ANY STOPPAGE.  Corner kicks, free kicks, goal kicks, injuries, throw ins, etc...

Tell the coaches that they must have players READY TO GO at center line or you will not allow the substitution.  Please allow for liberal substitutions unless you feel the coach is doing it to slow the game down to preserve a slight lead.  The temperature will most likely be hot, and we want players to be able to come off the field when needed.

Water Breaks

If the weather is above 90 degrees, we will have mandatory water breaks. The clock will keep running throughout the water break. Players can step off the field. Get them back on as soon as possible and only the correct number of players. If the Tournament Director has not declared water breaks to be in effect, coaches can ask for water breaks before the game begins.  Only one coach has to ask.  The other coach does not have to agree. 

Coaches can make any and all substitutions during this time.

Coaches / Spectators Areas

Coaches and Players are on one side of the field and spectators are on the other.  Make sure players and coaches stay within their technical area.  They should not be roaming up and down the sidelines.

Have the coaches remove anyone who is not on the roster from their sidelines.  If they refuse to comply, stop the match (the clock keeps running) until they comply.  Our tournament does not tolerate bad behavior or referee abuse from coaches or spectators.  Please let a Field Marshal or Tournament Director know about any problems you are having. 

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