Apply Early!

Deadline May 30th

The applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Teams will not be accepted into the tournament until their application and entry fee are received. Brackets will be closed when full

Tournament Games

Every Team Guaranteed 3 Games

Teams need to be prepared to play games Saturday and Sunday. Some local teams may have games scheduled on Friday night.

9U and older teams may have playoffs. Depending on the size of the divisions, some may have quarter-finals. Some older divisions may finish their games on Sunday morning, before starting their playoff games. All final games will be on Sunday.

The advancement procedures will be modified as required based on the number of teams in a particular bracket. Teams will be placed in brackets considering previous experience as well as age. The number of teams in an age bracket determines whether competition is round robin or has finals and/or semi-finals.

Score Cards

Required By Both Teams

Score Cards will be filled out by each coach (or team manager) and returned to the tournament tent within 30 mins of end of game.  Each team is to complete the score card and turn it in.  If any score differences happen then the final score will be entered off of the ref game sheet.

Guest Players

Up to 5 Guest Players

A guest player is defined as a player who is not listed as a rostered player for the team with which the player is participating in a particular event. Each guest player must have a completed Guest Player Form with all the required signatures. Guest players are allowed to practice with the team thay are playing with for the purpose of this tournament.

Recreational and Competitive teams may have up to 5 guest players. The official team roster may never exceed the maximum number of player. The max roster size includes guest players.

Academy teams do not have guest players as the academy roster is allowed to change at any time. Each academy player must have an academy form signed by the player's home association registrar. Academy players who are not rostered to a recreational team are not eligible to participate as a guest player on any other recreational team.

2024 Tournament

100% money back guarantee if tournament is cancelled

We will return 100% registration fees if tournament gets cancelled due to rain or other reasons.   All registration fees will be returned if tournament is cancelled before you play your first game. 

Rainout Policy

Inclement Weather Procedures

If inclement weather cancels the tournament prior to the completion of a team's first scheduled game of the tournament, a 100% will be given  by Cleburne Soccer Association.


No Tolerance for Misbehavior

There will be zero tolerance of abusive or offensive language or actions by coaches, players, parents, and fans toward referees or tournament staff. Field Marshals will be on hand to remove anyone who violates this policy. The Cleburne Police Department will be called to remove anyone who does not wish to leave as requested.

If you have a compliant, come see the tournament director. Do not voice your opinions to the referees.


Award Qualifications

8U and younger recreational teams will play three games and all players will receive participation awards. The 8U Academy along with all 9U and older teams will compete for place awards, which will be awarded after the division final game.

In the event that a team is scheduled to play the another team from their own bracket based on seeding, the playoffs will be aligned to promote play across the brackets where possible.

Any situation or question on the rules of the tournament that are not covered herein will be governed by NTSSA and USYSA Rules, in that order. The tournament director shall determine any matters not provided for in those rules. The decision of the tournament director or designee is final.

Medical Release Forms

Have These On Hand For Every Player

Coaches are required to have medical releases for each Recreational and Competitive player with them at all times during the tournament.  They are not required to be presented at check in, but are definitely required at the tournament. Players without medical release forms will not be allowed to play. The medical release section of each academy form must signed by the parent or guardian.

Spectator Areas

Designated Areas for Spectators

Only Players and Coaches listed on the roster will be allowed on the sidelines designated for Players and Coaches.  ALL spectators must sit on the sideline designated for spectators.  Field Marshals may stop the match until spectators have cleared the Player and Coach areas.


Tournament Uniform Requirements

All members of a team shall wear the same color shirt except the goalkeeper, who shall wear a different and distinguishable color. All team shirts shall have the individual’s number on the back.

The HOME team will wear their white or light colored jersey. The VISITING team will wear their dark colored jersey. In the event that these colors conflict, the HOME team will change to an alternate color or wear pinnies.  Pinnies may checked out from the concession stand

Age Divisions

Tournament Brackets

We understand the desire for age-pure divisions.  Age-pure divisions will be created if sufficient teams register. If not, pairs of age groups may be combined to form a bracket.  Not being placed in an age pure division is not sufficient reason to withdraw from the tournament.  Any withdrawals for this reason (once you have been accepted) will be reported to the North Texas State Soccer Association Cups and Games Committee.

Academy Games

NTSSA / U.S. Club Soccer Academy Teams

All Academy teams will play 3 preliminary games. Only the top scoring teams will advance to the championship rounds. Age-pure divisions will be created if enough teams are registered to do so. 

        - All 7U/8U Academy Teams will play 7v7 with a maximum of 12 players on the roster. 
        - All 9U and 10U Academy teams will play 9v9 with a maximum of 16 players on the roster.

Academy teams must submit the tournament roster provided by the tournament (no other form of roster will be accepted). An Academy player is only allowed to play on one team during the tournament. This format is in conjunction with the current format of the Arlington Premier Academy League.

U.S. Club Soccer academy teams are welcome to apply for this tournament.  U.S. Club Soccer teams must pay an additional $50.00 event insurance fee.  We are charged $50.00 by the North Texas State Soccer Association.

Permission to Travel

Required for Out-of-State Teams

If you are not a North Texas State Soccer Association team, you must have Permission to Travel from your State Association.  Log into your GotSoccer Team account and click "Request" under the eTravel column next to this event.  If you are traveling from South Texas Youth Soccer Association, you can find detailed instructions HERE.

Teams should have the following documents with them and available for inspection at Check-in:
1. e-Travel generated Travel Document
2. Player Cards / Coach Cards
3. Approved USYS Inter-State Permission form for Guest Players from outside NTSSA


At Any Stoppage

Substitutions can be made for players at ANY stoppage of the game. Free kicks, corner kicks, either team's throw in, goal kicks, dropped balls, etc. Make sure that your players are READY at the CENTER line if they want to substitute. Do not call for a sub if your players are still sitting on the bench.

Withdrawal / Refunds

No Refunds for Accepted Teams

The Chisholm Trail Classic tournament committee does not issue refunds for teams that have been accepted to the tournament and wish to withdraw for any reason.  If you sign up, be prepared to play.  As per North Texas State Soccer Association Bylaws:

Any team that withdraws from a tournament less than two weeks from the start of a tournament or does not complete all required scheduled games, may not be allowed to enter any sanctioned tournaments until said team appears before the NTSSA Cup & Games Committee. The committee may issue sanctions to include suspension from tournament play.

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