What format will we be playing?

To see the playing format for all age groups, go to the Bracket Information page.  Match information is as follows:

    Round Robin with top two teams playing a final game

    Round Robin with top two teams placing 1st and 2nd respectively. (No finals)

    Two (2) Three (3) Team Groups with a Championship Game (2 teams with highest points play final)

    Two (2) Four (4) Team Groups with Semifinals and Championship Games

    Two (2) Three (3) Team Groups and One (1) Four (4) Team Group with Semifinals and Championship Games

    Three (3) Four (4) Team Groups with Semifinals and Championship Games

    Four (4) Four (4) Team Groups with Semifinals and Championship Games
Semi-Finals & Finals will have no overtime.  Kicks From the Penalty Mark will take place if teams tied during Semi-Finals or Finals.

What do I need to bring to check-in?

Read our Check In Information page for more details

What do I need to have notarized?

None of the documentation for this tournament requires notarized signatures.

Do we need to bring alternate jerseys?

Competitive teams are required to have alternate jerseys. Alternate jerseys are not required for recreational and academy teams, however, if you do not have alternate jerseys, please make sure to bring pinnies in case of any color conflicts with the opposing team. The HOME team is responsible for alternate jerseys or pinnies in case of conflict.

The concession stand will have a limited number of pinnies for check-out. Coaches may check them out by leaving their drivers license in exchange for the pinnies.

What hotels are available in Cleburne, Texas?

To see available hotel with special rates for this tournament, please visit http://reservations.arestravel.com/hotel/list/9572/m3336

This is not a Stay To Play tournament and you can make whatever lodging accommodations you would like. This link is a great source of local hotels with special room blocks for this tournament.

Can we bring our pets to the Cleburne Sports Complex?

All pets are strictly prohibited at the Cleburne Sports Complex by city ordinance. This is a common rule at nearly all sports complexes located throughout North Texas. Please do not bring your pets to this event.

Are we allowed to bring our RV to the Cleburne Sports Complex?

RVs are allowed in the southwest parking lot at the Cleburne Soccer Complex. The city has not approved overnight parking, so other accommodations must be made for your RV.

Are we allowed to grill or smoke food at the Cleburne Sports Complex?

Smokers and grills are NOT allowed inside the Cleburne Sports Complex. Please do not bring any outdoor cooking apparatus to the Cleburne Sports Complex.

Is smoking allowed at the Cleburne Sports Complex?

Smoking is NOT allowed inside the fenced areas, at the concession stand, on and around the soccer fields, or in the stands. THIS INCLUDES E-CIGARETTES or ANY VAPOR DEVICE!  Smoking is only allowed outside the fenced areas in the parking lot area.  Please do not stand near the entrances to the fields or lean over the fences to smoke.  You must be at least 25 feet away from entrances and playing areas.  Please be considerate for those that have to walk past you in order to gain entrance to our fields.  Please dispose of your cigarette butts properly after they have been extiguished.

What are guest players?

A guest player is defined as a player who is not listed as a rostered player for the team with which the player is participating in a particular event.  Each guest player must have a completed Guest Player Form with all the required signatures.  Guest players are allowed to practice with the team thay are playing with for the purpose of this tournament.

Recreational and Competitive teams may have up to 5 guest players.  The official team roster may never exceed the maximum number of player.  The max roster size includes guest players. 

Academy teams do not have guest players as the academy roster is allowed to change at any time.  Each academy player must have an academy form signed by the player's home association registrar.  Academy players who are not rostered to a recreational team are not eligible to participate as a guest player on any other recreational team.

NTSSA Rule 4.7.1 (Paragraph 5)
If a coach refuses to sign a guest player release for tournament play occurring during the month of June (or a tournament that includes any part of June), the guest player release may be presented to North Texas Soccer for approval by the Youth Commissioner. If the player's current team is not playing in any US Youth Soccer sanctioned tournament or other US Youth Soccer sanctioned event during the time specified on the guest player release, permission to guest play will be granted.

Do we need game cards / score cards?

The referees will have the GotSoccer Game Cards.  They will turn those into the tournament tent.  You will not need these.

Coaches and managers will need a score card for each game.  They can be found at: http://www.chisholmtrailclassic.com/forms

Fill these cards out completely before giving them to the referee at the end of the match to get the score recorded and signed. BOTH TEAMS must turn in the game card to the tournament tent.

If you lose your printed forms or need more, we will have some at the tournament tent for you.

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