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How & Where To Submit Documents


All documents must be submitted electronically.  You can scan them as PDFs or take a picture of them with your phone.  As long as we can see all of the required information, you can submit the document to us electronically.  We will not have check in at the fields except for any missing Guest Player Release Forms and Loaned Player Forms.


Required Paperwork


  • Official State Association team roster with your Home Association Registrar and Coach signatures
  • Medical Release Forms for each player on the roster and all Guest Players (must have them at tournament - do not upload these)
  • Guest Player Release forms with all required signatures


  • Academy Tournament team roster with your Home Association Registrar and Coach signature
  • Academy Player Forms for each player on the roster (upload these forms and you must have them at tournament)
  • Medical Release section must be filled out on the Academy Player Form


  • Official State Association team roster with your Home Association Registrar and Coach signatures
  • Guest Player Release forms with all required signatures.  Home Association AND Releasing Coach must sign for Recreational Guest Players
  • Medical Release Forms for each player on the roster and all Guest Players (must have them at tournament - do not upload these)


  • US Club Soccer Tournament Roster (with all required signatures)
  • US Club Soccer Player Passes (laminated)
  • US Club Soccer Medical Release Forms (must have them at tournament - do not upload these)

Teams Traveling from Out-of-State

In addition to the paperwork required above for your team's category, teams traveling from outside of North Texas must have their travel permission form approved by their State Association. Teams from outside NTSSA must have approved USYSA ID cards for each of the players, including up to five (5) guest players.

Guest Player Release Forms

For U.S. Youth Soccer Teams (most of you) ages 11U-19U must have Guest Player Release Forms for any Guest Players you intend on using.  Here are a few helpful facts about Guest Player Release Forms:

1. They must be signed by the Player, Parent, Releasing Coach, Receiving Coach, and (Home Association - if recreational player).  Managers, and Assistant Coaches cannot sign the forms.  Only Head Coaches can release a player. 

2. There is not a time of the year where Guest Player Release Forms are not required.  If a player is assigned to a team, they belong to that team until they are removed by a Registrar of their Home Association.

3. You can submit Guest Player Release Forms to us up until your first game of the Tournament.  Upload them to GotSoccer until the tournament starts.  Then you can bring them to us at the tournament tent.

4. Academy Players do not need Guest Player Release Forms if playing on another Academy Team.  Just put them on your tournament roster.  You do not need anyone's permission to add a properly registered Acdemy Player to your team.

5. Academy Players that do not play recreational soccer, cannot Guest Play for a Recreational Team.

6. You will need a new Guest Player Release Form for each and every tournament you want to use the player.

7. Guest Players do not need to be on your team roster at this time.  This may change for future tournaments.

8. You can have up to 5 Guest Players on your team.  This does not increase the amount of players you can have.  If your max roster is 18, then you can have 18 players at the tournament and up to 5 of them may be Guest Players.  If you have players on your roster that are not attending, that is ok.  You can only bring the number of players that is allowed for each age group.

9. If you want to add a player to your roster that is not currently registered anywhere, then Cleburne Soccer Association will register that player for you for a fee of $25.00.  They will still need Guest Player Release Forms and Cleburne Soccer Association will act as the releasing coach and home association.

2019 Chisholm Trail Classic Soccer Tournament - Cleburne, Texas